Ah, Glorious Spring

Our fish pond is coming along. I think we may be done, other than we still need to add fish. The fake flower markers are where we submerged water lilies that will hopefully come up soon.

We also planted some roses, a gardenia and a honeysuckle close-by. Oh how lovely it will smell!

My mom gave me this sunflower for Mother’s Day. FYI, that is a storage building that is chipping paint in the background, not our house. 😘

Judging by the long lines at Lowes, we ascertained the entire community had the same plans for this lovely Saturday! Have you begun your spring planting yet?

Church Bells Ring

I live 4 houses down from “my” church and my parents live across the street from it. This is our second Sunday being closed due to social distancing, but the bells still rang as a reminder that this is the Lord’s day. The ringing of the bell brings a peaceful comfort to this small, rural, community on this gloriously beautiful Sunday.

Pardon the view. This was videoed from my bedroom window as I realized the time. We still have some landscaping/cleaning up to do. The dog is named JoJo and he’s about 10 years old.

I hope you are healthy, strong, and at peace during these unprecedented times, drawing close to the Lord.