Dr. Ardis Answers Questions about Watch the Water

If you are like most people, questions have arisen after watching the documentary Watch the Water. In this video he answers some very common questions such as: how come kids do not seem to be as affected; how is it getting in the water; what about shedding, etc.


“Proof-patents of worldwide envenomation support Ardis Covid claims in Watch the Water”

The propaganda machine is already blocking the documentary put out a couple of days ago. Facebook gave me a slap on the wrist after I shared the documentary; they claim it is false information. That alone makes me more likely to believe the claims in the documentary. If you have not yet watched Watch the Water, I highly recommend you do so. You can find it here, or just about anywhere.


Watch the Water-Documentary (MUST WATCH)

Wow wow wow! We knew we were being lied to about the whole virus thing, but if their findings are true, then this truly is far more demonic than we ever realized!


After watching the documentary,…… remember this?

BRAIN BUSTER Warning to anyone who’s had Covid over ‘irreversible’ damage to the brain

COVID survivors have been warned that the brain could be irreversibly harmed by the virus.

The major organ has been shown in dozens of studies to be damaged in even the mildest forms of Covid illness.

‘Brain fog’, difficulty concentrating and memory problems have all been reported, with some encouraging studies suggesting most people see improvements in six to nine months.

The new study, by researchers at the University of Oxford, looked at people in the UK over the age of 50 who had a mild case of Covid.

All 785 participants were in the UK Biobank, a large database for medical research, and had two brain scans 38 months aparts.

A total of 401 participants had tested positive for Covid in between the two scans.

The study found a number of effects on the brain, on average 4.5 months following infection.

Covid survivors had a greater reduction in grey matter thickness and tissue damage in regions of the brain associated with smell.

They had a reduction in whole brain size and, after performing a number of tests, showed a drop in cognitive function.

The effects ranged from 0.2 to 2 per cent additional change compared with the participants who had not been infected.