Seed, Plant, Harvest.

It’s time we all stop being so wasteful and spoiled. Remember the fable about the grasshopper and the ant? The grasshopper played when he should have been working and when hard times came he was left hungry and cold. We are in the last days and too many of us think that we’re just going to hang in there/survive until the rapture when really God is telling us to work while it is still day. The American church has played too much and now look what has happened to our country, under our watch.

“Be Mindful of What Is Poured Into You”

As born again believers, we have the Holy Spirit within us. The same Holy Spirit which raised Christ from the dead. We are a new creation, a new creature, created by God through the Lord Jesus Christ. An interesting analogy is we are like a diesel engine. A diesel engine cannot take standard gasoline. If gasoline is poured into a diesel, then the vehicle becomes powerless. Likewise, we must be mindful of what we pour into ourselves and allow others to pour into us. Let us focus on things above, building up our faith, and walking by the Spirit.