His own words bring his destruction

Yuval Harari says all God managed to create was organic life forms but we will go beyond that and create inorganic life forms. I’d like to see him create the inorganic materials necessary to create these robots and transhumanists. I’d like to hear and see him speak the word and iron appears. I’d like to see him create anything from absolutely nothing but the breath of his mouth. Instead, we will find his words create his very destruction.

“Humans are now hackable animals”

Or so says Yuval Noah Harari, and thanks to the CV pandemic. Advisor to Klaus Schwab, Harari is also called “the prophet”. Watch the short video below.


The vaxxed are properties of the patent holder?!?

The following article can be translated into English when you click on the link. The article is quite lengthy and can be confusing. What does this mean for those who have been conned into taking the “vaccine“? I honestly don’t know at this moment but I do believe there remains redemption through Jesus Christ.


“How Transhumanism & Pharmakeia Is Tied To The End Times “Image of the Beast””

In this video you will hear what is the foundational philosophy of the beast system: The Bible is FAKE NEWS. This Herari guy says it outright. He further goes on to explain how Free Will is outdated and the ability to hack the human body will be the greatest achievement of the 21st century. He is setting the stage for the man of lawlessness to declare himself as God by way of puffing up man’s intelligence. From the way I see it right now, we have two choices: we can sigh deeply and pray the Lord come get His church soon, or we can do what we’ve been called to do and preach the gospel and put on our armor, for we are indeed in the most important spiritual battle of all time. Well I am going to do both. Many have chosen to do one or the other, but I feel led to take advantage of this last opportunity to serve the Lord while I am still in this jar of clay.