This is fake, right? It can't possibly be a real article. Sigh. My first thought was: satanic delusion. But it's worse than that. He isn't denying the virgin birth. It is a direct attack on God Himself. I truly believe the core, the foundation, of the antichrist/last days religion will be luciferian. Luciferians say God... Continue Reading →

Christmas Joy

This is my daughter. I don't post many personal things on here, but that may change. She is autistic, among other things. Her body is 15 but her cognitive development is much younger. If you ask her, she'll say she is six. She's had it very rough the past few years, mainly due to puberty,... Continue Reading →

Blessings be upon you

Despite (or maybe because of) the fact these are the last days, it is easy to feel lonesome. Apostasy and apathy is rampant in the church and those of us who earnestly seek the Lord and our Blessed Hope can feel like we are out numbered. But then I take a look at YouTube, my... Continue Reading →

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