Tis Thine the Slumbering Saint to Waken

This was quoted in D.L. Moody’s book Secret Power: The Secret of Success in Christian Life and Work. It is a beautiful book about Holy Spirit.

I do not know the title, so I gave it one above.

O Spirit of God, whose voice I hear, Sweeter than sweetest music, appealing In tones of tenderness and love; Whose comforts delight my soul, and Fills the temple of my heart with joy beyond compare. I need Thee day by day, and each day’s moment, Lord. I sigh for greater likeness To Him who loved me unto death, and loves me still. ’Tis Thine to lead me to Him; ’tis Thine to ope the eye, To manifest His royal glories to my longing heart; ’Tis Thine the slumbering saint to waken And discipline this blood-touched ear To hearken to my heavenly Lover’s voice, And quickly speed His summons to obey. O Spirit of the Mighty God, uplift my faith Till heaven’s precious light shall flood my soul, And the shining of my face declare That I have seen the face of God. — (Author Unknown)

“O Holy Night-Sung In Navajo-Native American(Jana).wmv”

Fun Facts: 1. Hubs has collected arrowheads since he was twelve. 2. Our son’s best friend is Navajo, adopted by a white couple, and who now attends our church. Best friend also has two sisters who are also friends with my son. Very sweet kids.

Son on left. Bff on right

Mom and sisters decorating our church’s Christmas tree.