Pilot Death: Possible fourth source confirms Delta pilot dead in flight- Ask Dr. Ruby

The video I shared on here from the Stew Peter show where Dr Ruby talks about the Delta pilot who died midflight was removed by Facebook. There are claims that the story is blatantly false. It is so sad that we now live in a world where one can’t help but think that when the mainstream fights against something, then we should believe the opposite.


Horror: Exclusive Video Captures Organism From Vaxxed Soldiers Body

The 15-year military serviceman got the poke after being threatened with a court-martial. After going a year and a half of not getting sick, he and his wife got sick after his injection. He went for a couple of different types of detox treatments and they were able to capture on video the stuff being pulled from his body as a result of the detox. Very disturbing and it breaks my heart when I think of all of the people I know and love who just rolled over without any fight to get this poke, and now have these unknown substances which seem to be self-aware crawling around inside of their bodies.