Amanda Grace Possible Dream Fulfillment-Bushy Eyebrows

This article is too long to screenshot….. it’s best if you just click the link. Summary: military guy with bushy eyebrows was exposed in a dream as taking the appearance of someone good but he is actually evil and performing illegal acts….

Fauci Hypocrisy- To Mask or Not To Mask

Anyone who’s been paying attention is aware of the flip-flopping AF has done for the past 18 plus months. But just in case you needed reminding, the below video is a montage of his back and forth. I also want to remind you of the dream I had on December 25th 2020. When I first posted about the dream I was not sure if it was from the Lord. Unlike some, I have not been formally trained in the prophetic…. The Holy Spirit is very patient with me and I am having to learn at the feet of Jesus, which of course is the best place to learn. I now believe this dream was from the Lord, as both a warning and a confirmation that we are being lied to and things are not always as they seem.