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10 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. To a Mom looking up–my sister in Christ. Not long ago you said you prayed for me. I know I thanked you at the time but now I would like to thank you again. I have been writing a paper on God’s word and I believe it was your prayers that got me started on it. I just anted to personally thank you for your prayers and wanted you to know that I too am praying for you. Love you in Christ. I know that we are the water and the blood that poured out of Jesus when he was pierced with the Roman guard’s lance–the water of life given to the entire world that we might show others the way to Christ and the blood of sacrifice given by Him. Knowing we are His church is enough for me to praise Him all day and all night and thank Him for our bond in Him. Thank you sister. I love you and pray for you–Ron


  2. Hi Mom looking up–thanks for visiting my blog and I like the ‘Wow!’ Unfortunately, for our little world the evil runs rampant. Let’s both keep looking up. Jesus said he would return and I believe Him. I wish others did but when the time comes those who are not watching might find themselves in a heap of trouble. I have a family that thinks I am a nut case, so I tell them they are right.
    If I live long enoughto see it, it will be interesting and frightening at the same time.
    Dr. Ron


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