Evidence of Biblical Capture of Edom Found in 10th Century BCE Excavation – Breaking Israel News | Latest News. Biblical Perspective.

A copper smelting site and an ancient wall dating back to the 10th century BCE have been excavated at the Timna copper mines antiquities site in southern Israel’s Arava desert region, lending credence to the biblical story of the capture of Edom in the time of King David.

The well-fortified wall once ran for hundreds of meters and stood at least five meters (16.5 feet) tall. Many sling stones were discovered next to the edifice, which may be evidence of the great battle mentioned in Samuel 8:13.


Earliest alphabetical inscription from Biblical times found in Jerusalem

A 3,000-year-old inscribed piece of an earthenware jug dating back to the  time of King David has archaeologists stumped.

The ancient inscription is the earliest alphabetical written text ever found  in Jerusalem, according to researchers from Hebrew University who discovered the  artifact.

Working near the Temple Mount, head archaeologist Eilat Mazar uncovered the  10th century B.C.E inscription, engraved on a large pithos, a necklace ceramic  jar, along with six others at the Ophel excavation site.

The inscription is written in the Canaanite language….for pictures and to read more click below

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