Know Your Enemy Parts 1-5

As promised, here are the first 5 videos in the Know Your Enemy video series put out by The Fuel Project. This series is incredible and really puts things into perspective, with a
Christian worldview-which is the only true worldview.

The following videos include the Introduction, Lucifer, Adam to Nimrod, Babylon and Semiramus. I really hope you take the time to view all videos in this series. It is well worth your time.

I want to thank the reader that brought these to my attention. PLEASE FORGIVE ME, I cannot remember which of you it was! If it was YOU, please comment. I’m so sorry I’ve forgotten and cannot find it in my notifications/comments. Anyway, THANK YOU dear sister, for I know it was a she. 🙂




The Stones Cry Out: What Rocks and Fossils Say about the Age of the Earth

Is the earth billions of years old like many scientists claim, or is it only a few thousand years old as the genealogies of the Bible indicate?  This article discusses this question. The answer may surprise you.