Boy was I surprised…..

Boy did the Lord bless our zucchini this year! It wasn’t put out til sometime in June so I wasn’t expecting much and had actually forgotten about it. Joey saw it while mowing. It is from Bakers Creek, so heirloom, organic and organically grown. AND I’m not done picking!

It’s not a big deal for most families 

But for us to be able to go to the public pool and actually have fun with no incidents is such a huge blessing!  Furthermore,  I took both kids by myself.  

I seriously had thought our days of having fun as a family were over. …or at least on hold until Beauty got out of puberty.  

Today, though, we had a wonderful time together at the pool. Perhaps only parents of special needs kids can understand how overjoyed this makes me. 

Count Your Blessings

Today’s hymnal is “Count Your Blessings”. Many of us do indeed do this, but how often do we remember to include the “hidden” or “small” blessings God showers in our lives? We are mindful to give thanks for the “biggies”-food, shelter, clothing, jobs, automobiles, family, friends, maybe even what country we were born into (I know I am grateful to have been born in America, rather than say-the Congo).

Today I want to recognize a blessing that, in America, so many of us take for granted every day. Of course, this could be a number of things but what I am talking about is the internet. Without the internet there would not be a little site called Youtube!

Ahhh, Youtube. Gotta love a sight full of video tutorials on just about anything. Sure, there are lots of dangerous videos, a lot of sinful ones too, but today Youtube was our friend.

You see, I am writing this post on Sunday night on my dad’s computer. Why? Because a certain blue-eyed three-year-old decided to pour a bottle of water on our laptop. I was…uploading a video on Youtube… I walked away from it because it was taking forever. When I come back, water everywhere!

Now as we see it we had a few options:

1. Throw up our hands and declare it fried.

2. Wipe off what we could and set it upside down and hope all the water drains out

3. Take it apart and let each major component dry separately with a fan blowing.

Option one is hardly attractive and we certainly cannot afford a new computer.

We opted for number three. Thus enters Youtube. A simple search “how to remove keyboard from hp laptop” gave us a plethora of information. We found a video tutorial that used a laptop that best matched ours and went to work.

So now our laptop is drying next to a fan with its battery and keyboard removed and its innards exposed.  Lord willing, we will be back up and running in a few day.

I know, I know. You might be thinking, thankful for internet for that reason? If there were no internet, you’d probably wouldn’t have the laptop to begin with, or certainly wouldn’t have been uploading a video which in turn left it exposed to a three-year-old….yada yada. Still.

ANYWAY…here’s the hymn via Youtube! I have a few posts scheduled already…see you if the Lord decides to extend my blessing to a working computer! (If not, hey, at least I learned something)