“Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For – U2 Cover” Miss Chloe Goss

This sweet young lady grew up in our church. She has lived out of state the past few years, but we remain proud of her. She made it to Hollywood this past season on American Idol. When she didn’t make it beyond Hollywood Week, her dad gave her profound words of wisdom. He said, “Rejection by the world is the Lord’s protection”. Amen to that!

Below is her latest cover video. Below that is an original written by her dad and performed a few years ago.

A Young Girl’s Ministry

I may have mentioned Chloe Goss before, but if so, she deserves a repeat post.

Here is a bit from her website:

Chloë has been fascinated with music since she was a toddler dancing and vocalizing in front of the television to music videos. She was vocalizing notes before she could speak words. Her first performances were in the children’s choir at church as a pre-schooler. As she grew, Chloë became self conscious of her big voice and for years refused to sing in front of anyone. With the encouragement of her parents, she decided at age 11 that she wanted to use her gift, and her parents signed her up for vocal lessons. After several lessons, Chloë really came out of her shell and started performing live shows. Chloë has always been close to God and at a very young age accepted Christ, so it was no surprise to her parents when she decided that she wanted to sing for Him. This was a delight to her songwriter father, who writes Christian Country and Contemporary Christian music.

Her first single, “A New Road,” a song written by her father, is doing well on the charts but more importantly is changing lives. Chloë, who just recently turned 13, has become a seasoned performer and delivers her songs with passion and emotion. She loves people and loves helping people through her music. Although her personality is as big as her voice, she still battles shyness on occasion, usually when receiving compliments. She is a very humble young lady who gives God all the glory.

Chloë is honored to be a top 10 nominee for the 2013 Inspirational Country Music Association’s Youth in Music Award. She was recently a guest on “Wave Country with Dawne Gee”(tv) in Louisville, Kentucky, “The Morning Show with Hunter & Boot” on HLE Radio in Jennings, Louisiana and on “Southern Gospel Praise” (tv) in Dallas, Texas. She has performed at Renfro Valley and at various churches and festivals, and she is currently booked for a round at Debi Champion’s Writers Night at the Commodore Grill in Nashville. Chloë has also been a guest for numerous radio interviews and will be back in the studio soon to work on her album, which will include a song she and her dad co-wrote called “Can’t Outrun His Love.”

I am proud to claim Chloe and her family as part of my personal church family. Thus the repeat post 🙂 Seriously, the Goss’ are a very sweet, loving family that are sincere in their service to the Lord. Keep an eye for her, for I am certain the Lord will continue to bless her music ministry. For more information, or to order a CD, check out her website. Meanwhile, enjoy a video of her blessing us with “Amazing Grace” one Sunday morning (her dad accompanies on the guitar). Then check out my favorite “Love So True”, written by Michael Goss.