When Considering the Gazillion Presidential Candidates


It seems like that many, doesn’t it? At least those opting for the Republican nod.

What are your key issues? What determines for whom you vote?

As for me, (in no particular order) I want someone who is:

pro-life: in regards to abortion, infanticide and the elderly

going to lower taxes, reduce spending and work towards a reasonable, balanced budget (are we too far gone for that?)

pro-Israel, remembering that those who bless Israel will be blessed by God

pro-marriage as God intended, between a man and woman

in support of the family unit, recognizing the parents’ rights to rear their children as they see fit so long as the child is provided and cared for, without being physically or emotionally abused. This includes the right to home school.

aware that he/she is a servant of the people

aware they answer to God

in support of teaching the populace to help themselves, not create dependents

in support of all immigrants passing the necessary citizenship tests before receiving any benefits afforded to a citizen such as voting rights, driver’s license, social security, food stamps, welfare etc.

in support of all welfare receipients being actively in search of a job, if not already working, and encourage ways to better one’s financial position (disabled are the exception, where applicable)

in support of teaching abstinence and God’s plan for sex within a marriage

willing to crack down on the dead beat dads and hold them accountable

in fear of God, loves Jesus and considers His words and commandments as Truth and the source of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness

I suppose that would be a start. I also realize I am dreaming, big time. While there may be some candidates who profess to be Christians….I’m not sure they would be willing or able to fulfill all these requirements. I am almost certain such a person would not be elected POTUS.

Still, a girl can dream.

I suppose my utopia will have to wait for the Lord Himself to set up His reign on earth.