A Vessel of Nourishment.

The following is a continuation of yesterday’s post concerning the analogy of the believer needing the proper fuel.

The Holy Written Word. Deep, intimate prayer. Fellowship with the body of Christ (the church). We should only allow those who encourage and help us mature in the faith to pour into us. Only those who point us to Jesus and encourages us to live holy, spirit-filled lives should be allowed to influence us. This includes what we listen to, who we listen to, what we read, and what we watch. We need to be deliberate about every area of our lives. Likewise, we need to be mindful of what we pour into others. Everyone is on a different level of their faith journey so we need to extend one another grace, and encourage one another in the faith. Allow the Lord to use you as a vessel from which He pours spiritual nourishment into others. ❤️🙏

This Is The Time, This Is The Hour

This Is The Time; This Is The Hour

The Lord our God will say to us To not limit what He can do, For He is a God of the unlimited, There’s nothing He can’t do through you

For God is doing a new thing In our lives, today, this hour To raise us up to be His army, Clothing us with His power

Remember not the former things, The things that are in the past Behold, He is doing a new thing And will capture human hearts

It’s time now to go out and gather In the harvest of the Lord, For there are many whose souls are ready More than we’ve known before

So take His light into those places Of darkness and misery, That they may know the God of love To give hope and a destiny

Then they may shine right where they are So others may come to the light And they in turn may come to know The saving grace of Christ

Then Jesus’ light may radiate there Like a beacon in the night, No longer groping in the darkness, But shining forth God’s light

May the spirit of God arise in you And empower you much more So His glory may be seen with you As you proclaim the risen Lord

© By M.S.Lowndes