“Corruption in Our Theology-Sept 16 A Solemn Assembly of Prayer” on YouTube

Today we are praying against corruption in our theology. May God expose to us any false teaching we may be holding onto.

Reminder: I am sharing Brother Dana’s videos. I have met him and he gave me permission, but I am not in direct contact with him, so I cannot relay your messages to him. I understand he is flooded with messages every day and it’s impossible for him to keep up. Join me in praying for him. ❤️


Ask Yourself WHY

Certainly by now you’ve at least gotten a whiff of the video circulating entitled Plannedemic. In it, Dr. Judy Mikovits exposes the corruption surrounding COVID-19, big pharma, and well-known medical organizations. The video literally is being taken down as quickly as it goes up.

I saved it to my phone, unloaded it to my YouTube channel and the second it was processed, I clicked to watch and it was already removed due to “violating community standards”.

If you search for Dr. Mikovits, you will find link upon link discrediting her as a conspiracy theorist and all around nut job. Her website, plannedemic.com wouldn’t even load for me.

You gotta ask yourself one question:


Why is the documentary concerning one nut job doctor such a threat? Could it be because it is true? Could it be because it contradicts the approved narrative?

Don’t for a minute think the globalists, et al, have our best interests at heart. This woman was jailed without a formal charge!

I am trying again to post the video. I will share it here if I’m successful.

Stay alert and keep looking up!