Watch the Water-Documentary (MUST WATCH)

Wow wow wow! We knew we were being lied to about the whole virus thing, but if their findings are true, then this truly is far more demonic than we ever realized!

After watching the documentary,…… remember this?

Long Term Covid

You may recall my dad and my sister spent time in the hospital last August due to covid. My sister continues to face challenges. She came across this article which describes some of her struggles. She had doctors to tell her they think she has long-term effects from covid. She struggles to find words mid-sentence. It goes beyond losing her train of thought, she finds herself unable to utter simple words at times. This is on top of having scarring on her lungs which causes her to lose her voice altogether. They are still testing her, but they have reason to suspect she has also developed osteoarthritis. She suffers from chronic pain and chronic fatigue and brain fog on a daily basis. She is a single mom, so she has no choice but to work, but she finds even her desk job to be quite straining. She works for the food stamp office which involves having to speak to clients on the phone, but she has been unable to do that for almost a year due to the scarring on her lungs and losing her voice. Fortunately, her supervisors understand her situation and she spends most of her time doing paperwork, but hers is a life interrupted. My dad does not seem to have as big of an issue losing his words mid-sentence, but his memory and concentration are not what they were before covid. Neither have anywhere close to the energy they once had. Please keep them in your prayers.

Below is the article that my sister stumbled upon. I think you will find it quite interesting. I consider this a biological attack on mankind. I am no doctor, but I’ve never heard of a respiratory virus attacking your neurological processes to where you’re unable to form words, (my sister wanted cheddar, she could see the word cheddar in her mind, yet she could not form the word) in addition to the other challenges the man in the article faces.

Quote from article below:

Ever since contracting COVID-19 sometime last April, Heidenberg has struggled with over 40 symptoms—cognitive, neurological, and physical—that have left him completely debilitated. He has seen things he shouldn’t and smelled things others couldn’t. He is plagued by fatigue that renders him immobile on his worst days and barely able to unload a dishwasher on his best days. He has lost his functionality, his mobility, his job, and his livelihood.