The Big Bang Theory Has Been Debunked?

Science appreciators around the world have been pleased with the new images being produced by the James Webb Space Telescope. This new highly advanced telescope has showcased images of the stairways that no one has ever seen before. While the public has been transfixed by how many new galaxies, stars, and more have been shown, it has caused a panic among astronomers and cosmologist communities. One of the growing concerns for these new images is that it has begun to produce papers that might be indirectly stating that the Big Bang Theory has been debunked, which would be massively heartbreaking for many people.

Many scientists have been studying these new images and determining evidence that has stood for many years. The big bang theory essentially states that the universe began some 14 billion years ago in an incredibly hot and dense state that has been expanding ever since. However, the characteristics of the galaxies that are furthest away should be huge and contain a “red shirt” to their light. What the James Webb Telescope has discovered is that those galaxies are the complete opposite. An astronomer at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, Alison Patrick, spoke about this new evidence with great panic. According to Patrick, “Right now I find myself lying awake at three in the morning and wondering if everything I’ve done is wrong.”

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“Scientists Confirm All Humans Descended From Two People”

Don’t be encouraged just yet. While we Bible believers exclaim a loud “DUH”, I must be suspicious of how they will ultimately spin this. One of the scientists is from Rockefeller University after all. They are already saying it doesn’t mean the Bible is true. I saw this headline in the MSM as well, which means the story is controlled and has an ultimate purpose. Do we really think the Luciferian globalists do not have some lie planned to explain who these first humans were? Keep in mind the Luciferians also have a creation story, only they claim God (whom they say is the creator AND Satan) enslaved man in the garden and Lucifer set them free by bestowing knowledge upon them. Yes, this bit of “revelatory information” will likely be used in the not-so-distant future but you can be sure they WON’T admit the Bible is true.

What Was God Doing Before Creation?

by Ken Ham

One reason people give for rejecting a young universe is that they think it somehow limits God. After all, what was He doing all that time before creation? This question reflects a basic misunderstanding of God and time.

Because of my stand on a young universe, a man approached me and said, “But it makes no sense to believe in a young universe. After all, what was God doing all that time before He created?”

I answered, “What time do you mean?”

The person answered, “Well, it doesn’t make sense to say that God has always existed, and yet He didn’t create the universe until just six thousand years ago.” Apparently, he was worried that God once had a lot of time on His hands with nothing to do.

I then went on to explain that because God has always existed, then it is meaningless to ask, “What was God doing all that time before He created?” No matter how far you were to go back in time, you would still have an infinite amount of time before He created! So even if the universe were billions or trillions or quadrillions of years old, you could still ask the same question.

Time Was Created with the Universe

I then answered, “But you are missing the fact that there was no time before God created.”

Time is actually a created entity. The first verse of the Bible reads: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” (Genesis 1:1, emphasis added).

A study of this verse reveals that God created time, space, and matter on the first day of Creation Week. No one of these can have a meaningful existence without the others. God created the space-mass-time universe. Space and matter must exist in time, and time requires space and matter. Time is only meaningful if physical entities exist and events transpire during time.

“In the beginning . . .” is when time began! There was no time before time was created!

God Is Separate from Both Time and the Universe