On Pause

So I had a dream this afternoon. My sister and I were riding on a bus with Trump. He and some other guy were sitting beside us. I mentioned to him that he prayed over my kids. I told him my daughter just turned 18 and she is autistic. Trump looked at me and said, “She’s just on pause”.

I am a watchman, not a prophet, but still..here are two dreams for your speculation:

I’m going to take a huge leap here and share with you a couple of dreams I have had in the past few weeks. I realized their significance immediately-though the interpretation of one remains unclear to me-but I have hesitated sharing them in a public way because I ask myself “who am I?”.  I consider myself called as a watchman, not a prophet. Despite these dreams, I still do not consider myself a prophet so please don’t think that is what I am saying by sharing these dreams.  I am a stay-at-home-mom who wants to please her Lord, and who fails miserably at it daily I might add, but if the Lord wants me to share this with you then you will receive a blessing. Here they are:

I’ll start with the second one first cause it is the one that has me a little puzzled.

I am at an arena of some sorts. I go through a door that leads me under the bleachers. My dad and daughter are standing there, peeking through people’s feet. I look and see a stage. Standing on the stage is POTUS. My dad makes a comment about how easy it would be for a sniper to get to him from where we watch under the bleachers. I feel uneasy and leave for a moment. When I return, a group of security personnel are calmly escorting my dad out of the building. I rush to get my daughter. He is not handcuffed and he walks with them peacefully. He leans and whispers in my ear, “Tell Sandy and Cathy Red October”.  I think, “like the movie?” but know he is not referring to the Sean Connery film. The dream ends with me trying to text the message to its intended recipients.

I wouldn’t even mention this dream except for the heavy feeling pounding at my brain when I think about it and the cryptic message of “Red October”. I think my dad in the dream is completely irrelevant. He will never say such a thing, be in such a position. I’m unsure of what this dream means, if it even has a meaning, but I present it to you for your speculation.

This next dream I had first and its interpretation has come to me in two stages: the bulk of which was immediate, and then recently other meanings have filtered through. Forgive me, I have no experience with this kind of thing. My dreams are usually completely stupid where I am flying or needing to pee ;).

I am on our screened patio with my son. There is a lioness on the patio with us, pacing. I am nervous, cautious, around the lion but not scared. I do not feel imminent danger, just deep respect for its strength and power. I notice our kitten was outside around our shed. I go out to fetch it. In the shed I discover a sleeping brown bear. I quickly, yet quietly high-tail it back to the patio. The bear awakens and pursues. I make it onto the patio before the bear reaches me. The lion immediately stands by the patio door and growls at the bear. The bear returns the growl. I think to myself, the lion will protect us. I grab my son and we go inside the house. Meanwhile, my husband comes home. He walks right by the bear and lion and stands at the back door of the house waiting for me to unlock it.  I open the door and tell him to get inside. He says he has more stuff out in the truck he needs to get first. I say to him “Are you crazy? Look around! There is a bear and a lion about to get into a fight and they are in your path!” I grab him by the shirt and pull him inside.

This dream immediately segued into its interpretation.  Obviously the lion is the Lion of Judah, or Christ. I am trying to get my lukewarm husband to be aware of the dangers around him. Now as for the bear, upon telling this to my dad he immediately thought the bear represented the world system which is about to meet the wrath of the Lord. However, within the dream interpretation within the dream, I distinctly heard a voice tell me: “Remember the bear represents Russia”.  Since the initial interpretation I have prayed and wondered about the significance of the bear. Obviously Russia is about to go head to head with the Lion of Judah. In my dream, neither had broken through the screen to attack the other but it was understood it was just a matter of time. That screen is about to be shredded.

What events do these dreams relate to? I am not sure specifically but the lion dream certainly suggests Russia plays a big part. The Gog-Magog war of Ezekiel? A “lesser” battle which involves them? I don’t know. Is it significant that it was a lioness instead of a male lion, or just that I recognized it to be a lion?

So there you have it. Thoughts please!