In Case You Missed Them-Monday’s Prophetic Headlines Nov. 9 2015

This list is by no means exhaustive, but it goes to show the signs continue.

Natural Disasters:

South Kansas earthquake rattles Wichita

Tropical Storm Kate forms, approaching Bahamas

Massive mysterious spring die-off kills more than 50 percent of the global population of saiga in two weeks

Earthquake jolts Swat, surroundings

Ground swallows dozen cars in Mississippi

Ashkelon submerged in severe flooding, heavy rain

Second deadly cyclone in a week targets Yemen


US and Israel leaders still seeking peace in Middle East

Persecution of the saints:

On the brink: Christianity facing Middle East purge within decade, says group

Wars and Rumors of Wars:

US: Strikes Against ISIS to Increase

A Prophecy for America?

The following video is to be viewed with discretion and prayer. I do not know if the source is legit or a modern prophet. It caught my attention only because it reminded me of three dreams I have had over my lifetime. I also remember reading of similar “visions” by others. I do not know if they and the source of this video are the same.

I am not saying I am a prophet, or even that the dreams are prophetic. The coincidence caught my attention and I feel compelled to share these dreams with you, for what they are worth. They may not mean anything. One thing is for sure, God will not be patient with America forever. We are past due a terrible judgment.

My first dream is one I had more than once, in my teenage years. Somehow I was trapped inside a yellow VW Beetle that was submerged in water. The inside of the car was quickly filling with water and I knew it was my time to die. However, I was not afraid. I remember feeling very peaceful and thinking, ” Here I come Jesus”.

That dream may or may not be related to the others. I mention it only because it involves water.

The second dream I had has left such an impression on me that I continue to “hold it close to my heart”, even though I dreamed it many years ago. Again, I think I was in my upper teens.

In this dream, an extremely large group of people are gathered on a beach. We are standing elbow to elbow, looking out at the ocean. It is night time. For some reason, we begin singing “The Hallelujah Chorus” and the waves of the sea move in tempo with the hymn. At the final “Hallelujah”, a huge wave rises high into the air. The dream ends.

I awakened from that dream feeling giddy but also with “butterflies in my stomach”. You know the feeling. It has stayed with me and continues to feel important somehow.

The third dream is actually a blending of two separate dreams. I had them a few years a part, within the last 17 years. They are blended in my memory because they are so similar, I cannot recall which details match which dream. The gist of these two dreams is that the area where I am (completely unfamiliar to me, I do not recognize it) is about to be flooded beyond anything we have ever seen before. Somehow I know this flood is coming and am frantically searching for someone. Again, I am not afraid. I am at peace about the situation except for my trying to find a loved one so we can be together when the event happens. Water is already starting to rise, but it is not raining. I am expecting an act of God to happen at any moment and am just wanting to have my family near, so we can be together when it happens.

There you have it. Take them for what they are worth. I want only to honor God with this blog and what I share with you. If you know of any similar experiences, please let me know. I am praying for wisdom and discernment, as we all should be.

I used to just think of the last two dreams as a general expectation of the judgment of God upon our sin-driven nation. Now I wonder if there is something to the water aspects of them.

Worst Case Scenario: Be Prepared

solar flare

All this talk of solar flares, comet Ison, CME’s and some unknown catastrophe that has FEMA scrambling in Region III can be a little scary can’t it?  I mean, some of you may skip over such articles/reports and file them under Conspiracy Theories. Others of you may be hoping it’s a lot of hoopla for nothing. I dare say MOST Americans pay no attention or give no thought to it whatsoever.

But if you are in the camp of Maybe and want to be prepared, you’ll probably try your best to stock up on imperishable food, water, batteries, candles, first aid kits etc.

If you don’t have time to be bothered with gloom and doom thoughts you are doing nothing out of the ordinary because you are sure it’ll all work out and the world will continue with business as usual.

Well, let’s just suppose something HUGE does happen? Let’s suppose a giant earthquake rips through Region III, on the east coast causing massive destruction as well as geological upheaval.

Or, let’s suppose the ever elusive CME does strike the globe. I’m talking more than global outages. I’m talking a total black out of all things electrical. No lights, no water, no cars, no planes, no computers, no television, no radio. Nothing. Enter the dark ages.

You can try now to stock up “just in case” and your emergency kit may or may not see you through until everything is back up and running.

Preparedness Survival Kit. That’s what they call it. Usually when someone asks “Are you prepared?”, such a kit comes to mind. It’s only natural.

But I ask you: ARE YOU PREPARED?

Are you prepared to NOT LIVE through it?

What if the world does go completely black? We are talking auto collisions, train wrecks, planes falling from the sky, pace makers not working, an outbreak of violent crime as people scramble to grab necessities…the list goes on and on. If it is “just” the earthquake, what if you are standing over the fault? What if the building you are in collapses? What if it triggers a giant tsunami and you are washed away?

Sounds horrible right? It would be. Especially if you are not PREPARED to meet eternity.

Like it or not every single person to ever draw breath has and will face eternity. One can refuse to believe in God or a god or any such religion but that does not stop them from ever facing eternity. Too often it comes unexpectedly.

You need to ask yourself what you believe will happen when you die. Are you certain of it? There is no changing your mind once eternity knocks.

My daughter is considered special needs. While she is nearly ten-years-old, cognitively and in other ways she is more like five or six. A few weeks ago she randomly asked me “Mama are you ready to die?” Imagine my dilemma in deciding how to answer such a question presented by a child who is incapable of abstract thought.  Physically I am healthy, so in that sense I am not about to die. Of course I cannot discuss the “what-ifs” with her. Technically, though, yes I am ready to die. If I did not wake up in the morning I would be better off than I am tonight. That is not to say I am wishing to leave behind my children, husband and family. You understand that I mean on a spiritual level, I am ready.

How can I say that?  Because I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that my Redeemer lives, that the Bible is True and I am a beloved child of the Creator. I know that I know that I KNOW.

Do you? Are you prepared to NOT LIVE through the night….catastrophe or no? Think about it.


This is an article you should read completely, despite its length.


“Papa, why all of this activity in FEMA REGION III?”

“Well, it might be they think something really big is coming, you know, like a major EARTH CHANGE EVENT or something. Who knows why mankind does what it does? IT seems to be beyond me, even – like why do they choose death over life?”

Connecting the Dots –

Is Comet Ison’s approach in October-November-December related in any way to the activity of Homeland Security and FEMA region III? And is all of this related in any way to John Kerry and the Peace Accord confirmation they are after, that would force Israel back to her 1967 borders and re-divide Jerusalem, and possibly give up the temple mount, or give control over the Temple Mount to the Pope, which has expressed great interest in controlling things over there? And then is all of this related to the April 11th and…

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