Egypt Up in Arms After Star of David Engraving Discovered in Ancient Temple


The ruins of a Roman Temple, dating back to the third century BCE, is the center of a storm of Egyptian controversy owing to a pair of six-pointed stars found engraved at the site. According to a report by The Jerusalem Post, the ruins are located on the Elephantine Island in the southern Egyptian city of Aswan.

Dr. Mahmoud Afifi, the head of the Egyptian Antiquities branch in the Antiquities Ministry, said he noticed the engravings, which resemble the Star of David which appears on the Israeli flag, on a stone. He accused the German archaeologists assisting in the temple reconstruction of carving the stars into the stone.

Afifi demanded the German team immediately remove the offending stone, threatening legal action if the archaeologists repeat the move.

One Egyptian news site, Suezbalady, went so far as to accuse a Jewish member of the German team of vandalism with the intent of harming Egyptian culture.

Fear of new showdown on Egypt streets in ‘Friday of martyrs’

By Lin Noueihed and Maggie Fick

CAIRO (Reuters) – Supporters of Egypt’s deposed president will stage a “Friday of martyrs” of mass protests, risking more potential bloodshed to show they can still claim the streets after a week in which hundreds were gunned down and their leaders jailed.


But for the Grace of God, Go I


1016870_10151473088035047_1170660494_n click here to sign a petition to stop the abuse in Egypt.

When you lay down tonight or rise in the morning to say your prayers and make your requests to God-remember our brothers and sisters who truly know what it means to “take up their cross daily” and know that following Jesus just may be their death sentence or sentencing their children to rape, torture and unspeakable horrors. Say a heartfelt “Thanks” that you are not in such a position; that though this country is going downhill at lightening speed, you do not have to face the nightmares that the persecuted around the world do.

If you read my blog and you ARE one of the persecuted (I have readers from Pakistan, India, UAE, Malaysia, Brazil, and others), please know that you have God’s family in other parts of the world that are praying for you….we pray you may have strength. We pray for you to have a peace in your spirit that only Christ can provide. We pray that you keep an eye on eternity, knowing that your momentary troubles are nothing compared to the glory that awaits you.  Bless you and Christ be with you!

Arab countries take aim at Israel’s alleged nuclear arsenal

Arab countries take aim at Israel’s alleged nuclear arsenal

VIENNA – Arab diplomats signaled on Tuesday they would seek to step up pressure on Israel over its assumed nuclear arsenal but the Jewish state said any attempt to “bash” it would be counterproductive.

Arab countries, angry at the lack of movement in efforts to move towards a Middle East free of nuclear weapons, have served notice they plan to target Israel for criticism at the UN atomic agency’s annual member state gathering in September.

“We need to raise our frustration, we need to raise our concern about this issue,” one Arab envoy in Vienna, where the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is based, said.

Israel’s ambassador to the IAEA, Ehud Azoulay, told Reuters that Arab states “are taking a counterproductive route by raising this issue … and trying to bash Israel”.  READ MORE