Texas Sues GA, MI, PA and WI

The State of Texas filed a lawsuit directly with the U.S. Supreme Court shortly before midnight on Monday challenging the election procedures in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin on the grounds that they violate the Constitution…….


“Word of the Lord on US Presidential Election 2020 (Short Version) // Prophet Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj”

I do not know anything about this man. Take what he says to the Lord.

I’m sharing because: 1. I do not watch every video that claims a word from God about America. Who has the time? I did feel led to watch this one though. And 2. The last five minutes or so got my attention. I’ve been praying for confirmation about the message I posted earlier and he mentions judgement on the American church that does not seek Him. It confirms what I’ve felt in my spirit for some time.