Take a look!

I posted a poll for my Facebook friends which asked, “Should the Church care about disclosure”. A simple yes or no question. Most of my FB friends claim to be Christians. Anyway, as of this morning and of the 25 people who bothered to look at the poll, only 3 answered. Two others said they didn’t understand the question: “Disclosure of what?”

After I explained disclosure of area 51 and aliens (and explained that yes I’m serious and no I haven’t lost my mind), those same two people told me it was a joke and associated with “crazy people”.

To be honest I expected as much, and suspect they aren’t alone in their opinions. Afterall, my own family didn’t even vote! I can only conclude that many people….perhaps Christians in particular….still think the topic of aliens remains securely within the nutty fringes of society.

So. Let me present here a short list of evidentiary material that the world is being groomed to accept “aliens” and that the topic is becoming more mainstream. Keep in mind, this is my short list. Space does not allow an extensive list.

From the N.Y. Times. That’s hardly fringe.


From International Business Times:


Another from N.Y. Times:


From the New York Post:


Another from New York Post:


I will stop here for now. These are mainstream news sites, folks. A simple internet search will give you more evidence than you could ever have time to read.

As of now, they are tossing hints….soft disclosure…..

I suspect the full, hard disclosure will come upon the rapture of the Church.

That is why it is important that we disclose the Truth NOW, while we can. These are not extra-terrestrial, they are not beings from the future or from some distant star system.

These are fallen angels/demons playing the same games with mankind as they always have. They do not bring hope for the future. They bring death and damnation.