Texas Presbyterian pastor draws rebuke for claiming that Jesus did not really rise from the dead

Mom’s Note: I feel really sorry for this fellow. He is more than deceived. He is a scoffer of the worst kind; one who blemishes the name of Christ-IN the name of Christ-and takes others down with him.

A pastor from Texas has drawn rebuke for making an outrageous claim on social media that Jesus Christ did not actually rise from the dead.

Jim Rigby, pastor of St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Austin, Texas, made a satirical post describing himself as a Presbyterian minister bound for hell, according to Charisma News Senior Editor Jennifer LeClaire.

“Apparently, because I don’t believe in a literal resurrection, I’m not really a Christian,” Rigby wrote. “This unfortunately also means I won’t be going to heaven with many of you,” adding that while his family is enjoying a heavenly banquet, “I will be screaming in unending torment along with Jews and Democrats and the evil college professors who teach evolution.” Continue Reading….