MSNBC Guest Reveals Shocking and Unadulterated Disdain for Everyday Americans

First we are deplorables, now we are idiots. We are talking about an illness with over a 99% recovery rate. My flesh wants to scream at this man and others like him; my flesh wants to say “we shall see who are the idiots”; but my spirit prays for the eyes of the deceived to be opened.

Historical Actor Portrays Patrick Henry’s Famous Speech

Patrick-Henry Mr. Henry’s famous speech was given at the first Virginia Revolutionary Convention in March of 1775. His eloquence and passion “unlocked the secret springs of the human heart, robbed danger of all its terror, and broke the key-stone in the arch of royal power.” (source)

The Blaze captured part of a reenactment of the speech at the 2013 NRA Convention. Click the link below to view.