IDF preparing for possible war on northern, Gaza borders

According to IDF estimations, the likelihood of Israel initiating a war in the next year remains low, both due to the turmoil in the Middle East which is keeping many of Israel’s enemies busy, and because of Israel’s current deterrence abilities. Even so, the likelihood of a severe incident leading to an escalation and even a war has increased, and is being described by the IDF as “moderate.” This is due to the tension along Israel’s borders, especially the ones in the north and near the Gaza Strip.

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Gaza rocket misses target, explodes on Palestinian side

Arutz Sheva


By Ben Ariel

Gaza terrorists on Saturday night attempted to attack southern Israel with a rocket, but missed their target and the rocket exploded on the Palestinian side of the border.

There were no reports of injuries or damages on either side. Sirens did not sound on the Israeli side of the border.

Rocket fire has continued to “trickle” from Gaza onto Israel, the last attack having taken place at the beginning of the month, when terrorists from Gaza fired two rockets, causing no physical injuries or damages.

In response, the Israeli air forces attacked Hamas sites in Gaza.

In mid-January, Israeli Air Force (IAF) fighter jets launched an airstrike against a terror cell in northern Gaza.

The cell engaged in planting explosives on the security fence targeting soldiers patrolling the border with Gaza. According to the IDF, direct strikes on the terrorists were identified.

Hamas later threatened Israel over the attack, saying Israel was “playing with fire”.