GOP Congress Critters would rather watch the USA die than give up Power and extreme Wealth

Canada Free Press

With ongoing acts of patent lunacy—or the darker reason…collaboration—the Republican-controlled US Congress refuses to remove the cancer eating away at Washington D.C. just as the Democrats have done for decades.  Instead, the aforementioned Congress seems to prefer the ultimate demise-for-lack-of-proper-care that will soon be the cause of death.  One of the primary reasons used as an excuse is the now cliché false fear of being called a “racist” if they oppose the country’s enslavement of its citizens with replacement of illegal ones and totalitarian leftist policies.  Note…at some point almost all politicians become leftists in order to enrich themselves and they begin to view their constituencies as “the great unwashed masses” who are beneath them.  They, then, begin to use any inane excuse to draw curious eyes away from what they’re really doing.  And, at some point it no longer matters on which side they pretend to be…because it’s the side that solely enriches them. Click above to continue