An Open Letter to the Liberal/Progressive Christian.

This has been weighing on my heart for several days, but time is almost up, so I must share this. What I’m about to say is not easy for me, because I know there is a good chance I will be viewed as judgemental or accused of not having all the facts. Still, it MUST […]

More from Steve Pieczenik 

He urges Americans to vote and to conduct ourselves in a peaceful, respectable manner. He expresses respect for both Trump and Sanders and says it is a shame those aren’t our two options. Watch for yourself. I share this not because I am endorsing him, but merely for informational purposes . 

Watch “NATO Threatens Putin in a Struggle for New World Order Dominance” on YouTube

I do not always agree with Ben-Nun but I respect his insight. The fact he is a Messianic Jew living in eastern Europe gives him an unique perspective.  One thing I don’t agree with him on is his thought that the Pope will rule the NWO. No doubt the Pope will play a significance role, […]