Producer of New A&E Show on Antichrist: ‘People Feel Like These are the End Times’

This March A&E will premier “Damien,” a drama about the Antichrist. It is based on the 1977 film “The Omen,” and is one of three new shows that depict the devil and demonic possession. The others are “Lucifer” (Fox) and “Outcast” (Cinemax).

When asked by the Hollywood Reporter why there is renewed interest in the Antichrist, Glen Mazzara, the showrunner of “Damien,” said he thought it was because there is increased anticipation that we may be living in the end times, the Biblically prophesied final years before the end of the world and the return of Jesus Christ.

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Randy Quaid arrested in Vermont after trying to cross border from Canada

I may have mentioned this before, but there is a lot a sensationalism among sites that claim to be about “the end times”. I have mistakenly shared some of them. I am now much more, “snobby”, in what I share.

Having said that, this article showed up in my Facebook News Feed. I had no idea Randy Quaid was wanted and hiding out in Canada. I know him best as the beloved “Eddie” in the National Lampoon Vacation movies, most notably “Christmas Vacation”.

After reading the article, I can’t help but think something fishy just might be going on surrounding this. He and his wife fled to Canada, reportedly, to escape “Hollywood Whackers”. Now before you write him off as a nut, be aware that there is growing evidence of such stuff happening. Go to Youtube and search Hollywood and the Illuminati. Lots of quasi-stars (and even some big names) are opening up about certain rituals and such they are expected to perform in exchange for wealth and fame. When someone steps out of line, tries to leave the secret group or appears to be a threat to the “powers-that-be”, they suddenly find themselves targets of a very dark and powerful group. If a rising star is approached and goes through the pre-initiation steps but then later decides it is more than they are willing to subject themselves to, they often find their careers are very short-lived afterwards. I’ve even read speculation that many of these so-called overdoses or suicides by famous people are really just a cover-up meant to hide their assassination/murder.

I in no way want to join the ranks of conspiracy theorists, but evidence is mounting that many of these “theories” are reality. Research and decide for yourself. You know yourself that so often we cannot take the media’s word on it and most certainly cannot take the authorities’ word on much of anything.

Before I began “looking up”

Before Jesus completely transformed me and I began to “look up” for His return, I was a movie junkie. In fact, I once managed a video store. I didn’t get to the theaters very often, but every movie that came out to rent….I watched. Honestly, every. single. one. I knew everything there was to know about most of the movies people came in to rent. What can I say, I loved movies. Passionately.

Not too long ago I would’ve been chomping at the bit in anticipation of this movie:


Angelina Jolie was my girl, back in the day, and I had a particular fancy for scary and mysterious movies.

All the while I would’ve told you I was a Christian,and I would’ve meant it and believed it. I was. 

But I was still very much attached to things of this world, completely oblivious that I was being courted, manipulated and deceived by the enemy and that he was having a field day with my lackadaisical Christianity.

This was before Jesus stepped in and renewed my mind.

Now, it is different. I am different. In fact, I watch MAYBE two hours of t.v. a WEEK and the last movie I saw, well, I cannot remember the title but I do remember coming away from it thinking that was two hours of my life that I am never getting back. Two hours that could’ve been better well-spent.

Is this to say that I no longer enjoy myself, that I can no longer be entertained? Am I saying if you go see “Maleficent” you are not a Christian? Of course not.

I am simply saying I am different. Seriously, it is an act of God that I no longer desire to see the next thing coming out of Hollywood.

Now when I see ads of Maleficent, or any of the other blockbuster hits, my stomach churns-tightens. All I can see is a tool with which the enemy deceives so many. Slap the name “Disney” on it and that makes it automatically okay. It must be family-friendly and safe for your kids, right? Not so, I’m afraid. Sure, there may not be any profanity, nudity or sexual content but that does not make it safe. Look at the image above again. What we have here is a demon-woman, where the forces of evil are celebrated. People get a thrill out of the “dark side”. I used to be one of them.  The same goes for all these super hero movies that have made a comeback in recent years. I was once a huge X-Men fan as well. Now all I see is propaganda; an effort to brain wash society into believing two falsehoods: evolution and man has within himself the ability to be like God, with supernatural abilities. Yes, the “entertainment” industry is a very effective tool of the enemy’s. I don’t even have to mention mainstream music, do I?

The point of this post is not to look down my nose at Christians who still find movies like Maleficent enjoyable, rather it is meant as a kind of personal testimony of how Jesus has changed me and of the work He is doing in me. HE IS NOT FINISHED WITH ME YET! I am still imperfect and if not for the grace of God and the redemptive work of Jesus-I would be doomed to an eternity in the lake of fire. But I finally “Get It”. I want to bring Him glory and live a holy life, BECAUSE of what He did. BECAUSE He loves me, I love Him and do not want to dishonor His work on the cross by continuing to dabble in the things of this world.

Yes, I can still have fun. I love roller coasters! I love working along side my husband in the garden. I love seeing my children smile and laugh. I love to be silly, read a good book and even watch a wholesome, uplifting video from time to time. Living a holy life does not equate a dull life. In fact, Jesus said He came to give us an ABUNDANT life, and He does indeed! We just need to let go of what the world finds entertaining and find the true joy in life’s simple, beautiful pleasures.

And to be perfectly honest, NO, I do not think people who love and follow Jesus should spend the money God has made them stewards of on the evil filth coming out of Hollywood. What fellowship has light with darkness? Why give evil a foothold? Why make available your hearts and minds to the one that wishes to destroy you? Why taint the name of Jesus by professing Him on Sunday morning but paying homage to satan on Saturday night? 

Just something to consider……

Scoffers Waxing Worse and Worse

Scoffers Waxing Worse and Worse by Jan Markell

Scoffing has hit a whole new level but be of good cheer, it means the hour is very late.

If you have perused headlines recently, or watched a TV news hour, you are stunned at what’s going on. I am every morning as I post headlines here. I let them sink in and I shake my head. When has the world been in this much chaos? When have people been this unhappy, confused, addicted, pagan, angry and tuned out?

So Hollywood is making the apocalypse a joke in two movies:This is the End and Rapture Palooza. The latter features a scene where Jesus is blown out of the sky as He returns in His Second Coming. It doesn’t get any more outrageous. (What if a movie shot Mohammed or Allah out of the sky?!) And one movie critic states, “Satan, God, and Jesus are ultimately killed, leaving non-believers to live in peace.”

Well, not quite because that’s not the way it will happen. And if “the end” plays out sooner rather than later, the producers of such nonsense will not be laughing for long.

Sadly, it’s not just the pagans doing the mocking and scoffing, however. Many Christians, churches, and even entire denominations have similar attitudes. And while they are hardly as offensive, the end result is similar. Read More