Sen. Cruz Warns Of Human Rights Crisis Amid Child Brides Entering U.S.

OAN Newsroom
UPDATED 9:06 AM PT – Sunday, September 5, 2021

As reports emerge of male Afghan refugees arriving in the U.S. with child brides, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) has raised concerns. In a statement on Friday, the Texas Republican said the findings have been horrifying to see and called out Joe Biden for having no plan for a secure withdrawal from Afghanistan.

“There have been multiple cases of child brides and polygamous families from Afghanistan arriving at military bases here in America as part of their botched evacuation,” said Cruz.

The Texas Republican said he argued for refugees to face additional vetting in separate countries and accused Biden of allowing a human rights crisis to enter the U.S. This comes amid an influx of minor females who were entering the U.S. stating they were married to adult Afghan men, according to an internal State Department document.

Reports have said there have been multiple cases where young Afghan girls had been forced into marriages in order to escape Afghanistan following the Taliban takeover. In a letter to Biden signed by 26 GOP senators, they estimated more than 57,000 Afghans were evacuated who aren’t U.S. citizens, green card holders or eligible for Special Immigrant Visas (SIV).

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12-State Human Trafficking Operation Ends In 102 Arrested, 47 Rescued

A multi-state operation to tackle the problem of human trafficking has ended in more than a hundred arrests. Missouri’s top officials arrested 102 people in the rescue of 47 victims, two of which are minors.

Authorities said the months long investigation ended on Friday morning as part of a 12-state effort to crackdown on human trafficking. Missouri Attorney Gen. Eric Schmitt announced the operation couldn’t have succeeded without the help from local, state and federal agencies from all of the 12 states involved.

Undercover law enforcement posed as victims to identify buyers and traffickers, while state and local agencies arranged meetings with potential victims. “When we all come together, we can affect change and more effectively fight human trafficking, a crime that often is multi-jurisdictional in nature,” said Schmitt.

Tackling Human Trafficking in Myanmar

Notice it says a percentage of the women are trafficked for the purpose of birthing babies. What do you think those babies are used for? You don’t want to know, but you should know. We MUST know, and once you know you will not be able to continue in your petty grievances and “first world problems”. I haven’t been able to. Perhaps soon, the world will know.