Dr. Says Hydra in Vax is Misinformation

Okay I have shared a couple of posts about the weird squid looking things that doctors have seen inside of some of the vaccine vials. Because I am only interested in the truth, it is important that I share what this doctor has to say. After studying five vials, he has seen no evidence of these Hydra things. He thinks Dr. Madej entered her experiment or observation with a preconceived bias which therefore corrupted her findings. Dr. Madej, however, is not the only doctor to have reported seeing these things. It recently came out that certain lot numbers of these vials were found to be corrupted. Could it be that this latest Doctor simply received vials that were not corrupted in some way? The Polish Doctor who first brought this to everyone’s attention did mention that one of the vials he looked at was nothing more than saline. As this doctor points out: lack of evidence does not mean evidence of lack. Meaning, just because he didn’t find anything doesn’t mean it isn’t there. I do not want to be a contributor of misinformation, so let me say I have absolutely no idea what are in these vaccines. I honestly think it may be impossible to know at this time, especially for the common person like me. It is obvious though, according to the VAER’S reporting, that many people are reacting very badly to these vaccines. That by itself is enough for me to not want to run out and get it.


“The THING” Has a Name:Hydra

Remember the video I shared a few days ago from the Polish doctor who discussed the tentacled thing inside of one of the vaccine vials? Dr Carrie Madej has also seen it under a microscope. It now has a name: Hydra Lemaus (sp?). The Hydra found in the vaccines is a synthetic replication of an actual organism which lives in freshwater streams and rivers. It is a tiny microscopic version of the squid. The living organism does not age and if you were to cut it it will replicate itself. Do you suppose the goal of having these in the vaccine is to speed up transhumanism? You may ask, but I thought the goal of the vaccine was to decrease the population, not make it live longer or forever? My humble opinion is, those who survive this death jab will be considered worthy. Those who do not survive are too weak for the future of humanity. Eugenics. But I thought the global elite did not actually receive the vaccines? I thought they faked it? I have no idea. Perhaps they are experimenting until they get it right. I cannot even begin to think like these people, nor do I want to. What I find most frustrating are those who will look at this blog and others like it, and watch and share the videos, and consider the information, is kind of like preaching to the choir. Those who are susceptible to getting the vaccine will likely disregard all of the information we have been sharing. And not just me because this is a tiny blog, people with a much larger audience also share this information but I am afraid much of it is being disregarded by those who need to know this information the most. Are there still people who are legitimately still on the fence? Perhaps there are but I have a feeling that most people who have not gotten the vaccine have no intention of ever getting it and those who will get it already have. Except for the children of course. Anyway tell me what you think. If this synthetic Hydra which they say is nanotechnology, will react to the 5G Network when it is rolled out in full force, what do you think could happen? I keep thinking about the book of Daniel. Nebuchadnezzar’s dream of the statue that represents the kingdoms throughout history. The final kingdom is represented in the statue’s feet, which is made of iron and clay. Clay is organic, so could be interpreted as flesh. Iron is metallic. These Hydra things in the vaccines consist of aluminum and carbon, carbon is also organic. Something to consider. Let me know what you think.