In the News 4/3/13

I know, I know. I’ve been MIA for the past few days. Our daughter is on Spring Break, as is much of the country apparently because we’ve all seemed to have gathered in the same spot. We had to try four different hotels before finding a place to lay our heads. No, I didn’t make reservations obviously. We come here every year and it has been my experience that regardless of internet specials, it is still cheaper to just wait and pay when we get here. Anyway, none of this really matters. Here’s some news blips from the past couple of days.

Mag. 6 earthquake hits off Japan

484 earthquakes in Iceland in the last 48 hours  Unbelievable!

Severe Sandstorm Slams Israel

As you undoubtedly know, events are unfolding in North Korea that deserve our serious consideration.  I have a friend who is spending the year in South Korea, teaching English to middle schoolers through the Fulbright program. She, and many other people here in America, think there is nothing to worry about. An attack by North Korea would be suicide on their part.  However, during these Last Days, I say anything is possible; especially when dealing with an immature, power-hungry lunatic. Here are some news blips:

U.S. on alert for nuclear blast overhead

North Korea blocks entry to Kaesong industrial zone

China mobilizes troops, jets near Korea