Watch Muslims, Jews agree on coming end times

A Turkish television show featured prominent Muslim and Jewish leaders  agreeing on the coming end times and declaring an expectation to live in “love,  peace, friendship, brotherhood, good faith, kindness.”

The program, from Turkish A9  Television, featured several Muslim leaders and two officials from the  Sanhedrin, the traditional seat of Jewish justice.

The Muslim participants are Oktar Babuna and Adnan Oktar, both prominent  Islamic personalities. The Jews are Rabbi Yeshayahu Hollander, a member of the  Sanhedrin and an associate justice on the Jerusalem Court for Issues of Bnei  Noah, and Rabbi Ben Abrahamson, a historian and consultant at Jerusalem’s  Rabbinical Court on matters regarding Islam.

The discussion, broadcast Nov. 21,  focused on the Jewish Tanakh’s  description of the end times, what the Quran states and the possibility that the  religions’ expected messiahs – the Mahdi for Muslims and King Messiah for the  Jews – are one and the same.

The  Sanhedrin calls itself a special court for matters concerning the nation. It  explains that while the Israeli government is secular, the Sanhedrin is part of  the “historical government of the Jewish people.”

The panel members mark the prophecies concerning the coming end times.