I was going to do a Part Three but…

then I read Matt Walsh’s article. As he often does, he squarely hits the nail on the head and there is nothing I can add to it.

Everything I’ve wanted to say, every emotion and thought from the past few days, is brilliantly organized and summed up in Matt’s article.

Before you dive into the meat of the article-and I seriously encourage you to do so-I’d like to share a couple quotes. Honestly, it is difficult to choose just two, but here they are.

 I think when we reach a point where unbelievers are (rightly and truthfully) scolding Christians for not being Christian, it might be time to listen. It’s also a time to feel immense shame that so many of us have disappointed the entire world by abandoning the complete and compelling moral code that even those outside the faith have looked to for light and clarity.

We can’t, it turns out, be Christians but.

We can be Christians or not at all.

Now let’s all make up our minds between the two.

 There’s nothing more self-righteous than making a big show about your supposed lack of self-righteousness. It’s true that Christians need not be — and in fact usually are not — “ignorant,” “uneducated” or “homophobic.” But when you say, “I’m a Christian but I’m not _____”, you are passively accusing most other Christians of being whatever you said you aren’t. Therefore, in the process of pointing out how you’re not “on a pedestal,” you have placed yourself on a pedestal. In saying, “I’m not judgmental, unlike all those guys over there,” you are being judgmental. In showing off your humility, you are showing off your staggering arrogance.

Now please continue on to read the entire article. It desperately needs to be said as we see more and more the advancement of the lukewarm church. If You Are a Christian but You Reject Christ’s Teachings, You Are Not a Christian