Horror: Exclusive Video Captures Organism From Vaxxed Soldiers Body

The 15-year military serviceman got the poke after being threatened with a court-martial. After going a year and a half of not getting sick, he and his wife got sick after his injection. He went for a couple of different types of detox treatments and they were able to capture on video the stuff being pulled from his body as a result of the detox. Very disturbing and it breaks my heart when I think of all of the people I know and love who just rolled over without any fight to get this poke, and now have these unknown substances which seem to be self-aware crawling around inside of their bodies.


‘Disgusting’: Hospital System Announces It Is Denying Potential Life-Saving Care for the Unvaccinated


A Colorado hospital is refusing to perform a kidney transplant on an unvaccinated woman. A friend is willing to be the donor and both ladies are ready to go. However the hospital told the patient she has 30 days to begin the vaccine process or she will be removed from the transplant list. They are willing to commit murder over not getting an experimental injection.

Attorney- first hand witness to medical tyranny-saves life of father-in-law

This lady says in her opinion people dying from covid in hospitals are the unvaccinated BECAUSE they are not receiving proper treatment as punishment for being unvaccinated. Their’s is yet another horrible story, as she lost her mother-in-law, but was finally able to save her father-in-law.