MK Ultra-End Game

Ok, so when one mentions MK Ultra and a nefarious agenda by secret elites to “take over the world”, many people think that person is woo-woo.  Christians should not be so quick to dismiss these claims, not if we believe the Bible. God, in His Holy written Word, makes it clear that such a global system will exist in the very last days and it will be governed by a man of perdition.

The story told in this video is similar to others I have heard. Is the woman in this video telling the truth about being an MK minion? I don’t know, but her story is not unique and people much smarter and more capable than me have researched and reported similar claims.

Certainly we can see how current events could (and probably are) leading to a global government.

MK ULTRA: The ‘Poisoner’ In Chief – Jasper and Sardine

The Jasper and Sardine blog posted a very informative article on MK Ultra. Although they (government) claim the program is over, I seriously doubt it, don’t you?

Notice the article says the mind control program involved 2 steps: blasting the old mind and replacing it with a new one. Step 1 was easily achieved. Step 2 was not so easy and it is claimed that’s why the program ended. However, what if we consider the information I shared about scientists creating new memories in mice? Looks like step 2 is attainable, doesn’t it?

Are you as angry as I am about the games they play with people?