“PCC- “The Forgotten Gift” Christmas Play”

This is our church and that is me. This is the first play in which the kids are the stars. In the past, they played very small supporting roles. Since many of them are shy and inexperienced, I kept the program short. Next year, Lord willing, we will make it longer. Their age range is 5 to 14. I am very proud of how hard they worked.

“O Holy Night-Sung In Navajo-Native American(Jana).wmv”

Fun Facts: 1. Hubs has collected arrowheads since he was twelve. 2. Our son’s best friend is Navajo, adopted by a white couple, and who now attends our church. Best friend also has two sisters who are also friends with my son. Very sweet kids.

Son on left. Bff on right
Mom and sisters decorating our church’s Christmas tree.