US tanks and troops in Poland a threat, Russia says – BBC News

Russia says it views the arrival of more than 3,000 US soldiers in Poland as a threat to its own security.

The troops are part of President Barack Obama’s response to reassure Nato allies concerned about a more aggressive Russia.

It is the largest US military reinforcement of Europe in decades.

What is Russia up to? “Prophecy Update: Russia’s imminent nuclear threat!” With Amir Tsarfati 

Russia is preparing for something.  They just completed a drill involving 40 million people, has joined with China to counter U.S. missle defense and has called all Russian citizens located throughout the world to come home NOW, not to wait. Russia already has basic control of the middle east, so Ezekiel 38/9 is just around the corner. Is a nuclear conflict with NATO in the works? Amir Tsarfati weighs in below. 

Murder And Mayhem In The Middle East

(My Note: The following article sheds a lot of light on what is really going on in the ME and N. Africa. HOWEVER, the author says he has no interest in looking at it through a “religious”  lense and that is where I disagree. This ultimately IS about good versus evil and is all happening for a reason. The season of Christ’s return is here. God is still in control, yet He is giving the world exactly what it has been asking for. )

To understand what’s happening in Syria right now, you have to understand the tactics and motivations of the US and NATO — parties sharing interwoven aims and goals in the Middle East/North A…

Source: Murder And Mayhem In The Middle East

The Elite Are Bugging Out to Deep Underground Bunkers In Morocco-WW III Is Here!

All signs point to the fact that the world has reached the point of no return  with regard to the culmination of World War III which will begin in Syria. This article details military actions which…

Source: The Elite Are Bugging Out to Deep Underground Bunkers In Morocco-WW III Is Here!