So JFK Jr did not show up

Are we really surprised by this? None of the things these people say are going to happen ever happen at the time that they say it will. What gets me are the number of Christians who still cling and hang on every word they say. Somehow it is even okay when these people deliberately release misinformation, you know so that they can throw the bad guys off track. I cannot get behind any group that does not first and foremost acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord and one that also spends so much time giving false information. They give false dates and Christians think it’s okay to give a false date. Just don’t give a date at all! Will all of this stuff end up being true in the end? It might very well be! I want to see the deep state fall as much as the next person! But I do not like anyone who deliberately lies and seemingly plays the public for a fool. As for JFK Jr? Well, we’ve been deceived and tricked as pawns in a global, diabolical chess game for so long, at this point nothing would surprise me.