There is something in the water

Ok, so we have the water situation in Flint, Michigan. Another in Ohio and now we learn of possible cancer-causing pollution in the water in a small town in upper New York state. I’d suggest we all stock up on bottled water, but that is easily contaminated as well.

CNN (who I don’t usually read or watch) has the story. Or at least the story they approve to release to the public.

Read it here.

American Public Schools Should Focus on Academics


School forces all girls to lesbian kiss

Boys get lessons in how to spot ‘sluts’

Ofcourse the parents were not notified of this planned presentation. This is just too outrageous. Let’s see, I read recently where American students are “behind” academically, compared to other nations. Perhaps publics schools would benefit from focusing on that instead of this garbage.

I’m telling you people! They are out to steal our children and rob them of their innocence and childhood. All in the name of politically correct tolerance. Now I have a headache.