“BREAKING: Trump Lawyers TEAR APART Impeachment Sham With “Chilling Fact” That Dems Are Ignoring”

A day prior to another sham impeachment trial, the legal team of President Trump has methodically laid out their case in a new memorandum.

The memorandum makes the case for Trump’s innocence in detail, and at one point of the letter, his lawyers argue that the Democrats are leaving out a “chilling fact” about that fateful day.

On page 7 of the memorandum, they confirm that law enforcement received reports of a potential attack on the Capitol well before Trump’s January 6th speech…which removes the possibility of a sudden “incitement” by the 45th President’s speech.

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In the past week or so…..

We have seen a few Redditor Patriots make Wall Street cry; Facebook et al has admitted that HCQ is a viable treatment for covid (after ridiculing Trump for suggesting as much a few months ago); Arizona Senate has decided to investigate election fraud; Myanmar’s government has been toppled due to suspicion of election fraud (said government with ties to HRC, I might add); the White House goes dark nearly every night; more troops are being sent to DC in anticipation of civil disturbances although if you watch man-on-the- street reporting videos as well as the live cams at the Capitol and White House, DC looks akin to a ghost town; and there are talks of recalling Governor Newsom; and a big wig at the Lincoln Project has been exposed as a groomer/pedophile; Fauci suggested Americans wear two masks only to rescind that recommendation a few days later saying that two masks will not make a difference; oh and let us not forget that protests and riots have broken out throughout Europe; Have I left out anything?