“Maryland man with 124 snakes dies from snake bite” USA TODAY

In light of everything that’s been coming out lately, this almost seems prophetic. This happened in January, so why is it just now being reported? Anyway, if we don’t clean out some of these snakes slithering in positions of power in this country, we will all face the consequences of our foolish decisions.


Rabid red fox that bit nine on Capitol Hill caught and euthanized

For as long as I have been listening to Robin D Bullock, at least a year, he has referred to the Resident of the Whitehouse as a jackal. According to Strong’s, jackal and fox are interchangeable. Prophetically symbolic?

The female fox tested positive for rabies and health authorities are considering the fate of her kits.


“Hungary’s PM Orban Elected to 4 More Years: Victory Over ‘International Left, Soros Empire, Mainstream Media'”

“Christian Democratic national politics has won, and we should tell Brussels that this is not the past, but the future,” he said.

With around 91 percent of votes tallied, Orban’s Fidesz party-led coalition had about 53 percent of the vote. United for Hungary, a left-wing coalition, had about 34 percent of the vote, according to The Associated Press.