They’ll Be Dead by Morning (What Difference Will it Make?)

They’ll Be Dead by Morning (What Difference Will it Make?)

An absolutely beautiful post I just happened to stumble upon, though I believe I was meant to read it and share it with you.

It concerns the 33 Christians about to be (or maybe they already have been) executed in North Korea.

In the News 4/15-4/20

I’ve been kind of distracted this week with housekeeping duties, so I haven’t taken the time to post the interesting news blips. Here is a short recap. *I have not included reports on the Marathon bombing or plant explosion in TX, not out of disrespect, but because that news is everywhere. I want to share news that may have been overlooked, but is still pertinent.

Natural Disasters

Strong quake hits southwestern China, killing 100

Geyser erupts in Russia

Powerful earthquake hits off Japan

Floodwaters rising after storm deluge heartland

OK earthquake reveals unknown fault line

Japan Island rocked by over a dozen quakes

33 earthquakes reported for April 11-17

5.0 quake strikes China

Strong 8 mag. quake hits Iran

Middle East

Iran warns of WWIII

Israel ready to act on Syria weapons

Israel, UAE and Saudis in huge US arms deal

Iran seeks to export oil to N Korea



No Poultry Contact in some China bird flu cases

Experts gathering to focus on H7N9 bird flu mystery

Drugs to fight deadly super bugs in short supply

Food Poisoning on the Rise

Antibiotics:Can’t get enough of them


On the Home Front

Teacher Assign Nazi Propaganda Essay

Infant’s body found in hospital linens

USPS losing $25 million daily


Around the world

Maduro wins Venezuelan election

North Korea demands end of sanctions

China pulls back curtain on its expanding military; 1.4 million members

UN says N.Korea, Iran serious nuke threats

Chile rushes to Antarctica to aid boat fire

Child soldiers in C.Africa

In the News 4/9/13

Natural Disasters
Earthquake in Iran

Strong Earthquake of the coast of Western Java

Earthquakes rattle nerves…

North Korea

Pyongyang warns foreigners to evacuate S.Korea

Middle East

Israeli-Turkish Talks Postponed

Iran Unveils Uranium Activities

Israel Closes Gaza Crossing After Several Rockets Fired


Unexplained mystery booms rumble across lower Michigan

Radioactive water leaking from pits near Fukushima nuclear plant



In the News 4/6/13

Natural Disasters
6.2 earthquake shakes Russia’s far east, near China and North Korea

7.1 earthquake hits off Indonesia

Sixth death reported from new bird flu

Cases of bird flu rises in China

North Korea

North Korea tells embassies: “We can’t keep you safe”

North Korean aggression could strengthen U.S.-China relationship

North Korea: US deploys spy plane to Japan