Shew what a day!

It started with Hubs getting the deer.  Then, about 230, my son's school called. He fell on the playground and hurt his arm and wanted me to come get him. He usually rides the bus. I brought him home because he was able to open and close his fist and lift his arm. When my... Continue Reading →

50s Day and a Painful Step

My little guy had a big day. First, he dressed up in 50s style for the 50th day of school. Then he came home, changed into his muck boots and proceeded to play outside. A few minutes later I hear a wail. Poor fella stepped on a nail that went through his boot and into... Continue Reading →

A mom’s musing

When you are the mother of a special needs child, people tend to advise and question every decision you make about said child. The same is true for home school moms.  So, imagine my life as I home school a special needs child. My reasons are many and multi-layered.  Most people mean well  (and some... Continue Reading →

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