I’m so stinkin’ proud!

I did not post much on Friday because we were busy as a family.

The highlight of the day concerns our daughter.  You may recall she is 12 and “special needs”. She has multiple diagnosis, all cognitive in nature. Physically she is healthy and strong-Praise the Lord-but her IQ was tested to be 55. In some ways, she is “further behind” than her 6-year-old brother. I use quotes because, while these labels are helpful in getting her the appropriate assistance, they do NOT define who she is as a cherished girl created by God. She faces many challenges and as both her mother and her home school teacher, I am challenged right along with her. The whole family is.

Anyway, one of her struggles is with sensory issues. On the one hand, she SEEKS deep pressure input and “hard work” (swimming, hanging from the monkey bars, shoveling are all good activities to help balance her nervous system), she also AVOIDS other stimuli such as loud crowds. A HUGE challenge we have is with her hair. Here is a picture from her 12th birthday:


That long, curly hair is a battleground! She cannot stand for anyone to touch her head/hair. Trying to shampoo it and then comb out the tangles is a war I reserve only for Saturday nights (for church the next day). It stays a horrible tangled mess the rest of the week. She has never been to a salon because 1. In the past, we didn’t want to disturb the beautiful blonde curls (she used to let me fix it) and 2. We figured some battles are better left at home and not out in public……..UNTIL TODAY! When we got ready to leave to do some shopping this morning, her hair was quite tangled. Her dad coaxed her into letting me try to do something with it, but it was really bad. We had had enough. We told her it would be best if we let someone cut it, just a little. Once she realized we didn’t mean as short as her dad and brother’s, she agreed.

So, finally, at 12 years old, she had her first visit to the salon!

She LOVED having her hair shampooed (who doesn’t?) and was so patient and cooperative during the entire process. She kept asking if she could come back! The stylist was very nice and understanding as well.

Here is her new, “grown-up” hairstyle that she now doesn’t want us to touch because we will “mess it up”. Hee Hee

jan 29 2016

The stylist straightened it in hopes it would give us a couple of days without tangles. However, after tonight’s bath it was a little damp and the curls came back. It was super cute with the curls too! She seems very happy with it and I am hopeful she will once again allow me to comb and style it, since it won’t be so painful.

I am so stinkin’ proud of this kid!!!!


“Refused the flu shot” is what was written in large, bold letters at the top of my daughter’s (I call her Beauty) medical record the other day.

We’ve been taking her to Cincinnati’s Children Hospital for her check-up evaluations and screenings. When the nurse called us back, and before weighing her, she asked if Beauty had the flu shot. I said no. She asked, “Do you want us to give her one?”. I said, “Um, no thanks”. It was while the nurse was measuring Beauty’s height that I glimpsed at her file and saw the nurse’s note.

Perhaps I am knit-picking, and I admit I have little trust in the pediatric medical field (at least in what I have use of them for-which is not an actual illness), but this note really rubbed me the wrong way. Maybe it was where I was freshly aggravated at reading those stories of parents losing their children because a hospital accused them of medical negligence.

Beauty is 10 and has never had the flu shot and has never had the flu. Children we know get the shot every fall and they also get the flu before “flu season” is up. I never get the flu shot. Our son, 4, has never had it. Hubs just got one, but that is because he accepted a position at the hospital-sponsored health club and had to. We are physically healthy. Beauty was enrolled in public school for one entire school year plus two months of another. Our family was the sickest during those months than we have ever been, though not with anything serious. Since I brought her back home, we have not been sick once all winter.

Honestly, a small note saying something like, “Flu shot offered. Parent opted out”, would have be sufficient. The large, black handwriting at the top of the form, and underlined, hit a nerve. When you also home school a special needs child, one learns to be wary, even if you do everything properly.

Pray for my daughter

I want to ask my readers to please pray for my daughter.

She is ten years-old and struggles with cognitive delay, sensory processing, auditory processing and other “special needs”; in some ways she is very much a four-year-old.

Lately she has been saying things like, “Ask Jesus into my heart”. Every Christian parent wants to hear these words, but we are especially thrilled because I had prepared myself for the possibility she may never utter those words, because of her cognitive issues. I was never concerned about her salvation, because if she never mentally reaches the “age of accountability” or is incapable of understanding such things….she has an automatic ticket to Heaven, right?

Her words recently have touched me so.  I’ve spoken with her about sin and what Jesus did. She says, “(her name) doesn’t have to be nailed to a cross”. I say, “No, Jesus did it for us”. I am unsure how much she understands, about sin and needing to repent and the fact that trusting in Jesus as Savior and Lord…saves her from this thing called sin.

I am encouraged though. We have been told she is incapable of abstract thought and this is evidenced in that she never “gets” a joke and cannot answer a question that begins with “Why”. Perhaps she is simply repeating what she hears us say, what little bit she is able to process in Sunday school and church services. I do not know.

I do know, however, that she is cradled in Jesus’ arms and He is revealing Himself to her in ways He knows she can understand. Her trust in Him, as Protector, is growing. She asks me to “tell Jesus to keep coyotes out of my room”. We live in a rural area where coyotes live in the woods behind our house, literally within earshot. We are trying to teach her to ask Jesus for help when she feels “fussy”, episodes that are similar to an autistic child’s “meltdowns”.

So, dear readers, please pray for her to grow in her trust and love for Jesus. Pray for her as she struggles with being 10 in some ways and 4 or 5 in others. She wants so much to be independent, as most children her age do, and she cannot wait to drive a car. That is something I do not know she will ever do. She can drive a golf cart quite well, but I am not sure if she will ever pass the written exam necessary for a license. She reads at a kindergarten level. Whatever she can or cannot accomplish in the areas of independent living are below her relationship with Jesus, on our priority list. He has a plan for her, and I know He has extra special angels guarding her that see the Father’s face at all times.

I’ll close this post with my favorite verse:

He will feed His flock like a shepherd;
He will gather the lambs with His arm,
And carry them in His bosom,
And gently lead those who are with young. Isaiah 40:11

His promises are True.

9 Things We Should Get Rid of….

I do not usually post about parenting or other such things, but I thought this article offered excellent advice.


She borrowed something from me. And then she lost it. Accidents happen.  But it was the whole “It only cost ten bucks-you can get another one” attitude that I couldn’t let happen a moment longer. So, I gave her a job that required hard work and gave her the $10 she earned and then I made her pay me for what she lost. – See more at: http://wearethatfamily.com/2014/03/9-things-we-should-get-rid-of-to-help-our-kids/#sthash.crpat0VW.dpuf

A Mom Looking Back….and forth

After dropping my daughter off at school, I came home and logged on while Hubs and Buck remained asleep.  Every now and then I’d do a chore or two; start the dishwasher, sweep the floor. I always came back to see if anything “new” had popped up on FB or my WordPress Reader. Suddenly I was reminded of a conversation my dad and I had.

I was fretting one day about not being able to call someone, or maybe my internet connection was down because of a lightning strike…I forget. Anyway, my dad said “What did your Grandmother (his mom) do when she had no one to talk to?”. Good point.

I cannot imagine going about my day without SOME contact with the outside world, even if it’s only via the internet. What if my day was totally secluded, contained within the borders of my home? What if my only “adult conversation” was with my husband? Those of  you who know me would understand the dilemma there. Hubs does not speak, unless it is to ask what’s for dinner. The quiet that was so refreshing and appealing when we were dating has become a slight aggravation after eleven years of marriage. 🙂

Still, what if I couldn’t text my mom or my sister to complain, brag or inquire? What if I had no idea what was happening in the world, apart from what the radio revealed? Well, this was my grandmother’s world. The t.v. wasn’t on during the day (mine isn’t either, honestly I hardly watch it). She had a telephone but made only necessary calls and kept it short and to the point. There was no internet. No cell phones. If one’s car died while driving, they had to walk. Another thing, there were no “mom groups” or fancy play dates. A child’s first friends was her sibling or cousins.

Yes, there are a lot of things about the era in which my grandmother raised children that is appealing to me, and she did it because that was the norm. There was no alternative.

Personally, I think I’d go nuts without the internet now that I have it. I can do without tv. Maybe even the phone, except for emergencies.  Does this make me a busy body. Not really. I’m not nosing into other’s business. Even on Facebook. I’m just an information-driven personality.

So, give me quiet days. Give me the value of hard work and family. But also give me information at my fingertips.

Just sayin’.


Parental Rights Amendment

In relation with today’s earlier post “What Better Way to Build the New World Order”, I have just become aware of the Parental Rights Amendment petition being presented by Parentalrights.org. Written in three sections, this petition supports the passing of an Amendment that protects the rights of parents concerning children.

My only concern is Section 2, which paraphrased, says the government can only intervene in parental rights if child abuse or neglect is occurring. This is a rocky road. I’m afraid that the government will find ways to declare abuse, when it is not actually abuse. Richard Dawkins and the like already say Christians are child molestors because they teach religion to their children. Could they manipulate the term abuse to still take our kids away? Something to think about. What say you?