Dr. Says Hydra in Vax is Misinformation

Okay I have shared a couple of posts about the weird squid looking things that doctors have seen inside of some of the vaccine vials. Because I am only interested in the truth, it is important that I share what this doctor has to say. After studying five vials, he has seen no evidence of these Hydra things. He thinks Dr. Madej entered her experiment or observation with a preconceived bias which therefore corrupted her findings. Dr. Madej, however, is not the only doctor to have reported seeing these things. It recently came out that certain lot numbers of these vials were found to be corrupted. Could it be that this latest Doctor simply received vials that were not corrupted in some way? The Polish Doctor who first brought this to everyone’s attention did mention that one of the vials he looked at was nothing more than saline. As this doctor points out: lack of evidence does not mean evidence of lack. Meaning, just because he didn’t find anything doesn’t mean it isn’t there. I do not want to be a contributor of misinformation, so let me say I have absolutely no idea what are in these vaccines. I honestly think it may be impossible to know at this time, especially for the common person like me. It is obvious though, according to the VAER’S reporting, that many people are reacting very badly to these vaccines. That by itself is enough for me to not want to run out and get it.