What We Do to Strengthen Our Immune Systems

Our homeschool begins tomorrow, so I want to get this post out before I get busy with that. Hubs works in the ER of our local hospital, for now, so it is important that we each keep strong immune systems. We started building up our immune system before he worked at the ER, actually it was Holy Spirit led back in February of 2020. Our initial regimen included taking elderberry, zinc, quercetin, and vitamin D. We still take those daily but for the last 3 weeks have added two recipes for the purpose of supercharging our immune systems.

August 6th through 8th, my husband, son, and I took a weekend getaway. My daughter wanted to stay with my parents, so she did. While we were away, my dad and my sister both tested positive for covid. When we returned on the 8th, my daughter was acting rundown and sluggish. We gave her some pine needle tea and the next morning she was her bright-eyed perky self and has shown no more signs of illness. Praise the Lord for it nipping it in the bud and the fact that she loves drinking it! Here is my recipe:

I rinse a handful of pine needles. We have trees in our yard, but I am certain you could order it online as well. I bring a pot of water to boil. After the water has reached a rolling boil, I add the pine needles and remove from heat. I place a lid on the pot and let the needles seep anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes. I then remove the needles and pour the liquid in to mason jars, adding a little stevia for sweetness. The end product taste very similar to chamomile tea. I keep the jar in the refrigerator and we drink at least one cup per day to maintain good health. You can drink it cold, or if you prefer, warm it up with a bit of honey. Here is a good article listing the benefits of pine needle tea.

The second recipe I want to share is for what I call a citrus tonic. The kids do not usually like taking this but if they are showing signs of illness, of say a cold, we insist that they take it. Hubs and I take at least two tablespoons of the morning plus additional tablespoons throughout the day if we are feeling run down or if we have been around someone who is sick. I have been bringing my parents and sister supplies while they struggle at home with covid, so I am taking two tablespoons of the morning and two tablespoons at night. If I feel run down (more than I usually do from my fibromyalgia) then I will take another tablespoon or two throughout the day. Hubs says it clears up his sinuses within minutes.

Here is the recipe:

I use the rinds/peels (not the fruit) of three grapefruit and three lemons. I cover them with distilled water and bring to a boil. Once it starts a rolling boil I turn the heat down to simmer and let them simmer for 3 hours. The pot is covered the entire time. Do not take the lid off the pot until it is completely cool. You don’t want the nutrients to escape through the steam. Once it is cool, I remove the rinds and put the liquid into mason jars. I add stevia to the jars, and my friend uses honey, for sweetness. Regardless, be warned, it is bitter. I put one quart jar in the refrigerator for daily use and the others I freeze.

Do you have any special recipes or tips for building or keeping a strong immune system? Let me know in the comments!

Have a blessed day!