Hey, it’s called GIVING BIRTH

Have you seen the latest video about the demon that is Planned Parenthood? I couldn’t bring myself to watch the previous ones, but time is running out and it seems this topic is becoming a “last page” issue that our society is becoming desensitized to. (Yes I know I ended with a preposition; sue me) I am not sure what disgusts me more: the actual procedures described or the words they are careful to use in describing what is without a doubt murder in its most grotesque form. Using words like, if the woman is able to extract the fetus rather than what it really is: giving birth to a baby. The fact that a human being can take a LIVE baby and extract its brain is the thing of horror movies. Further, describe doing such a thing to a puppy, lion or even a rat and the country would be in outrage. Americans sit in self-righteous judgment over a flag, lion killers and a stupid sandwich shop but are so quick to believe the government’s lie that these things aren’t really happening or if they are it is okay because it is medical research to help our future. What kind of future can we expect when our most innocent are sacrificed? I am ashamed and disgusted at what this nation has become. Oh and before you think you are off the hook, remember to remain silent is just as evil. I should pray God help us, but I don’t want to insult Him. We don’t deserve help. We don’t deserve blessings. We deserve righteous judgment from an Almighty God, the same one we’ve kicked out of our schools and our lives. Why should we ask Him for anything? Posting “I love Jesus” memes on Facebook then living like there is no hell doesn’t cut it. Get ready. America-and the world-WILL see judgment. Get your head out of the sand or your butt and get ready. Oh? Do I sound judgmental? A loving God would never do such a thing, you say. Oh yeah? Well if we can kill our innocent babies and think nothing of it, why should God look the other way? I’m beyond disgusted and ashamed; both of the actions and the INactions. Get ready. If you haven’t confessed and repented of your sins-yes SINS-then you are in for one hell of a ride. God IS love-that is why He came and died on the cross to make the way of salvation-but He is also Justice and will not withhold his sentencing much longer. Will Jesus claim you as His own, or will He say He never knew you? Only you can determine that.

Sheila Zilinsky w/ Dave Hodges: The Green Agenda and Aborted Fetal Cells In our Food

I am not really a fan of Ms. Zilinsky’s show. They sometimes seem over-the-top and I got the impression she does not believe in the pre-trib rapture. If this is not the case, then please correct me in the comments. Anyway, I share this for you to once again prayerfully consider and, as always, be a good Berean in addition to praying for wisdom and discretion.