Lord, Help Us

I’ve been seeing videos on social media where people are literally fighting over toilet paper. Shoving, clawing, even biting fellow shoppers.

My heart breaks. It breaks for I glimpse just a mild foreshadowing of what is to come.

If people are reacting this way now, I don’t even want to imagine how it’s going to be when untold numbers of people disappear and the wrath of God begins to pour out upon the earth.

Lord, help us. Flood your people with your Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit, flood us with rivers of living water. Enable us to shine Your Light, dispelling the darkness.

Forgive us for our complacency. Forgive us for our materialism. Forgive us for conforming to the patterns of this world and making an idol of it. We have committed spiritual adultery and fornication and have both neglected You and taken You for granted. May we never again abuse Your grace.

Give us clean, pure, hearts devoted to You. May we draw closer to You, knowing in turn You will draw closer to us. May our eyes from this day forth be focused only upon You. May we seek for ways to serve You. May we walk in a way worthy of our calling.

Lord, may we be found worthy to escape the things to come.

Thank you for your finished work on the cross. Thank you for loving us and showing us true Love, for You are Love. Thank you for grace and mercy and may we never again abuse it. May we never again bring shame to Your Name.

In the Holy, Precious Name above all names, Jesus CHRIST-Yeshua HaMashiach, Amen.

Special Request: battles on the homefront

Not wanting to distract my fellow watchmen from their posts, I still would like to send out a special request of a personal nature.

I’d like to ask all my readers to remember my family in their prayers. My daughter, who you may recall has special needs, goes to the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, Department of Development and Behavior tomorrow for some evaluations.  It is standard for cognitive and developmental evaluations to be performed at least every three years, but this is slightly different.  She has been exhibiting some rather unusual and disturbing behaviors lately that we need to get checked out.  We are hoping it is just an early puberty-hormonal thing (she’ll be 10 in November), but something tells me that is only an aggravant to a much deeper problem.

We are praying for the doctors and specialists to have the wisdom and knowledge to properly diagnose her so we may take the necessary steps to help her.  She already has a diagnosis of “Mental Retardation, Unspecified”; the Unspecified means they don’t know what could have caused the MR since there is no history of trauma and was a healthy pregnancy. Because of the MR, specialists have been hesitant to pinpoint more specific problems/conditions. I do not want a label, but I obviously want to know what we are dealing with and the best course of action.

So, please keep us in your prayers: the specialists, as well as myself and my husband that the Lord will give us wisdom and understanding concerning our little “Beauty”.