A Daily Prayer

Dear Lord,

The days are wicked. A heavy cloud of deception blankets the land.

In Jesus’name I ask for eyes to see, ears to hear, a mind which understands, lips / fingertips that speak Truth and Life.; please give me faith that pleases You and a heart that trusts in You. Your word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path. Thank you for piercing the darkness. May I be a vessel of Truth, ever pointing people to You. Amen.Amen.Amen

“Corruption in Our Theology-Sept 16 A Solemn Assembly of Prayer” on YouTube

Today we are praying against corruption in our theology. May God expose to us any false teaching we may be holding onto.

Reminder: I am sharing Brother Dana’s videos. I have met him and he gave me permission, but I am not in direct contact with him, so I cannot relay your messages to him. I understand he is flooded with messages every day and it’s impossible for him to keep up. Join me in praying for him. ❤️