Watch “Middle East Update: Putin is ready to act alone in Syria & the Middle East” on YouTube

Precusor to Ezekiel 38/9 and WWIII. As Amir points out, we need to be praying for the innocent people caught in the crosshairs in Aleppo and throughout the middle east. May Jesus reveal Himself to them, as we know He has been doing.

World Gets Behind Putin’s Vow To Destroy New World Order | Your News Wire

Mom’s Note: I don’t think Illuminati is running scared. I think it remains to be seen if he isnt complicit in the NWO. Hard to imagine he is, as power hungry as he is. However, we must keep in mind they always play both sides: thesis + antithesis =synthesis. Putin, a judo enthusiast who can […]

Ezekiel 38 around the corner? Putin and Obama AGREE to “return ” Golan Heights to Syria

Syria?  It is barely a country, with HALF its citizens having fled and the other half either fearing for their lives or battling one another! Then of course there is ISIS with its caliphate of terror, which was of course created by the US. If Syria has Golan Heights, then they all will be in […]