A Literary Journey of the World, Sprinkled with Prayer

I feel inspired by the woman who, in 2012, decided to blog about reading one book from each nation in the world. I’m going to try the same, using her list of suggested titles and their nations of origin.  I want to take it a little further though, give it a little more meaning.

While reading each book, I want to pray for the author-if they are still alive-and the people of that nation. I pray that God also uses it to open my eyes and my compassion to the peoples of the world. These are people from cultures vastly foreign from mine, but whom God knows and loves; for whom He died. Since I am unable to travel the world in the real world, I will attempt to do so in the literary one.

I begin the new year in Afghanistan with The Kite Runner.

I will post a page listing what I am currently reading as well as what I finished. I may throw in a review or two. I can tell already that I am going to love my first selection, as I was reluctant to put it down so I can write this post!

Meanwhile, happy new year! May it bring you closer to God and wrapped in His love.